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Green Goddess ​Herbals

Jewelry We Made

Although just a hobby, I do have a fascination with wire and gemstone...especially copper wire. Here you will find some handmade wire wrapped jewelry pieces. 

carnelian pendulum
pendulum necklace

Carnelian Chakra Pendulum Pendant  $45.00

A copper wire wrapped carnelian point pendulum/necklace features chakra gemstone beads. The pendulum is removable from the chain so you can easily take it off to use your pendulum. 

Wire Wrapped Crescent Moon Necklace
Crescent moon wire wrap necklace

Crescent Moon Abalone Shell Necklace  $65

Crescent Moon necklace $65

Wrapped in Silver Plated wire. Abalone shell crescent moon. Comes on a chain.

Celtic Penannular Brooch

Hand Hammered Copper Penannular Brooch $20.00

These are made to order. It will take me approximately two days to complete and ship.

The Celtic penannular brooch is a simple yet classic design that dates back to the Iron age. The brooch features a pin which is fastened on one end to the ring which allows it to slide freely around the brooch. Penannular means "incomplete ring" which allows a small space for the pin to move through.

They work great on sweaters, scarves or shawls.

rainbow moonstone pumpkin

Moonstone Pumpkin

Moonstone Pumpkin Necklace $55


Show your love for the great pumpkin! A flashy oval moonstone gemstone cabochon wire wrapped in copper. Comes on a solid copper bead chain.

Kyanite Witches Broom Necklace

Witches Broom   $48


Four inch long wire wrapped black kyanite natural gemstone fan (aka) Witches Broom. Rainbow moonstone beads adorn the handle. Comes on a solid copper bead chain. $48

Rainbow Moonstone Tree of Life Pendant $70


A  2 1/4" x 1 3/8" Rainbow Moonstone oval cabochon with blue flash. Tree is hand wrapped with copper wire and features a coin pearl full moon. The piece has been antiqued and will come with a copper chain.

Rainbow Moonstone Tear Drop Tree of Life Pendant  $75


A 2" x 1 1/4" Rainbow Moonstone tear drop cabochon with blue flash. Tree is hand wrapped with copper wire. The piece has been antiqued and will come with a copper chain.

Heady Wire weave with rainbow moonstone

Rainbow MoonStone Pendant

Copper Wire Weave $63

Heady Copper Wire Weave with Rainbow Moonstone  $63.00


A very flashy Rainbow Moonstone gemstone cabochons has been woven with copper wire in a heady style weave. Comes with a chain

Lovely Flashy Labradorite Tree of Life Pendant   $68.00

SOLD:  A flashy labradorite pear shaped cabochon wire wrapped by hand into a tree of life. Has a coin pearl "Full Moon". Will come with a handmade silver chain in your preferred length.